The Second Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) Unconference was held on 30th June and 1st July 2014 at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.


Like other unconferences, this one was free, but delegates had to submit an abstract in advance explaining their current management education interests. These abstracts were double blind refereed. We attracted 49 participants from 10 different countries across four continents. The countries represented included:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States of America

Contributors to the 2014 RMLE Unconference represented the following institutions:

Aalborg University
Technical University of Denmark
Algiers Management School
University of Auckland
Bond University
University of Canterbury
California Lutheran University
University of Geneva, HEC
Copenhagen Business School
University of Groningen
Copenhagen University
University of Iowa
Drexel University
University of Michigan - Dearborn
Erasmus University
University of Queensland
Florida Gulf Coast University
University of St. Andrews
Griffith University
University of St. Gallen
Gustavus Adolphus College
University of Surrey
University of Warwick
Keele University
University of Winchester
Lancaster University Management School
University of York
Nazareth College of Rochester
Utah State University
New York University
Vanderbilt University
Nottingham Trent University
Vlerick Business School
Open University
Western New England University


During the 2014 RMLE Unconference in Denmark, our participant contributors:

  • Shared ideas about key research areas they would like to pursue with others,
  • Found answers to research questions or concerns that they have been unable to address in other forums,
  • Learned from others about their experiences with research project design, development and publication processes,
  • Considered issues that are emerging through recent management education research and publication,
  • Meet and networked in an intimate and informal setting with other faculty members interested in management education research, and
  • Interacted with numerous board members as well as the editors of the Academy of Management Learning and Education, the Journal of Management Education, the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, and Management Learning.

In terms of scope, the domain for this Unconference was management teaching, learning, education, and the contexts within which these occur. As a result, submissions focused on issues related to the business of management education (whether that be in universities, consulting agencies, or other organizations) as well as the processes and outcomes of management education. With respect to the specifics of the submissions participant contributors worked to create, they are not traditional formal conference submission documents. The documents included in these proceedings are called “Questions, Ideas, and Concerns” (QIC) documents. The QICs were written as free-flowing thoughts which encapsulated any questions, ideas, and concerns participants had with respect to research in management education. Ideas for sharing stemmed from current or future research projects, practical or conceptual extensions to theories or models that excited participants, or discussions they were engaged in with colleagues in their own or other disciplines. Other ideas stemmed from calls for special issues, recent articles, global or local issues, internal mandates within educational organizations, or anything unusual that had sparked an idea for a research project in a participant’s mind. There were countless sources from which the exceptional questions, ideas, and concerns we have included here were derived.

Event (Un)Structure

As this is an Unconference, there were only two short formal presentations - a welcome and a summary – each facilitated by members of the conference chair group listed above (see the (un)schedule on the last pages of these Proceedings). The minimalist formality of the event’s structure is based on its underlying ethos. Unconferences are designed to be 100% driven by the people who are there on the day - no presentations, just discussions. As with any Unconference, the goals here were for everyone to: (1) contribute to discussions, share ideas, questions, and concerns with colleagues who were interested and passionate about similar topic areas, (2) develop paths forward for research (e.g., grant applications, collaborative research projects, selection of alternate methodologies), (3) learn from others, (4) challenge assumptions, and (5) generally work to structure what we are doing in a way that results in knowledge generation, dissemination, and ideally publication.
Beyond reading the QICs in this document, the only preparation required for the Unconference was that participants brought energy and enthusiasm, a collaborative mindset, and an open-mindedness to going wherever our time together took us. The Unconference was uncomplicated. It was about knowledge generation via a minimally-structured, highly-engaging, and participant-driven format. It worked. The outcomes will speak for themselves.

A Special Thank You

Our organizational host for the 2014 RMLE Unconference was the Copenhagen Business School Department of International Business Communication ( ) and our key organization sponsor for the event was the Danish Society for Education and Business ( The international sponsorship organizations included the Academy of Management Learning and Education, the Journal of Management Education, and the Bond University Saculty of Business (LEAP). Additionally, this year, we have partnered with the editors from Management Learning and the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education journals. Most importantly, we would like to recognize all of the participant contributors who attended this year’s event – it is your passion, interest, and commitment that makes these Unconference events so special.